About Us

Molaris Ltd. was founded by Hungarian private citizens in 2006 and it has been 100% privately owned ever since. Becoming a leading and reliable economic operator on the IT market is the most important goal of our firm on the long run. In order to reach this goal, employing highly qualified colleagues with wide work experience is our absolute priority.

In realisation of our projects we mainly use the following technologies:


Elasticsearch is a shared search engine-based database management system we use with expanded data extracting and processing services. While using Elasticsearch, we have been nominated as a Verified Partner as a result of completing various successful projects.


To shape the UI of our solutions, we develop using the Angular framework. Our applications comply with WCAG 2 standards related to accessibility expectations.


Spring/Spring Boot technology is our preference in developing server-side components, especially in projects completed by using MicroService architecture.

WebLogic and WildFly

We have had a meaningful experience in the field of JEE application developments. Our primarily used application servers in these projects are WebLogic és WildFly.


While creating complex user interfaces, our choice is Liferay as a development framework system and portal.


We deliver microservice solutions based on WSO2 products like API Manager, Identity Manager and Integrator.

Palo Alto Networks

Relying on Palo Alto Networks products we offer development os comprehensive corporate cybersecurity platforms.